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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fill Out a Roster Form on Stadium Sports Apparel

Managing a sports team involves various administrative tasks, and at Stadium Sports Apparel we want to make the uniform roster submission as simple as possible. We streamlined this process by providing an online roster form that makes it easy for team managers or coaches to submit their players' information. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of filling out the roster form on Stadium Sports Apparel's website.

Step 1: Access the Roster Form

To get started, visit Stadium Sports Apparel's website at Once you're on the page, locate and select the appropriate roster form.

The Team Uniform Roster Form is for uniformed players and coaches. There is room to put sizes for jerseys, hats, pants, belt and socks for players. If you are not ordering a specific item from us, just leave it blank. There is also a spot for coaches to order replica jerseys (jerseys that match the team) or other coaches gear like cage jackets, pull overs or polos.

The other roster form, Fan Gear Form, is for parents, siblings and fans of all kinds. This roster form allows fans to order our standard team shirt, a white or grey dryfit shirt or dryfit or cotton shirt in a shirt color that coordinates with the team. They too can order replica jerseys which will match the team.

Step 2: Team Information

Begin by filling out the general information about your team and uniform. This includes the contact's name, and league. We also have a spot to note pant style and color of belt, sock, pants and hats. Make sure to provide accurate information to ensure clear communication and proper organization. Most importantly is the due date of when you need the jerseys. Our standard turn around time is 3 weeks from graphic approval and roster received.

Step 3: Player Details

Next, you'll need to input the details of each player on your team. Stadium Sports Apparel's roster form includes fields for players' names, jersey numbers, sizes for accessories like hats, pants, belts and socks. Double-check the accuracy of the information to avoid any discrepancies.

Step 4: Share the Form

Before submitting the roster form, take a moment to review all the information you've entered. Check for any typos, inaccuracies, or missing details. Confirm that each player's information is correct, and verify that you have included all the required data. Then hit the share button and share with

Step 5: Confirmation

After submitting the roster form, you will receive a confirmation message or email from Stadium Sports Apparel. This confirmation will serve as proof that your roster has been successfully submitted and your order will be moving into production.

Filling out a roster form on Stadium Sports Apparel's website is a straightforward process that can significantly simplify the ordering of your custom sports uniforms. By following these steps, you'll ensure that your team's information is accurately recorded, making it easier for everyone involved to get the apparel. Whether you're a seasoned coach or a new team manager, using Stadium Sports Apparel's roster form can contribute to a more enjoyable sports season.

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