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27 Creative Fundraising Ideas to Support your Sports Team

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Sports can be expensive, between equipment, uniforms, facilities, coaching, travel expenses and tournament fees. For many athletes and teams fundraisers are essential to offset the costs and ensure that financial constraints don't prevent participation.

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50/50 Raffle

$1 a ticket, winner takes half the pot! Sell as many tickets as you can. The more tickets you sell, the more the winner gets...and the more your team gets.

Calendar Fundraiser

Each person picks a date, say the 21st and that person pays $21. It's an easy way to earn nearly $500 per person.

Double Good Popcorn sales

This company allows you to sell popcorn as a fundraiser.

Helmet Shakes or Bucket Drop at a Local Store

Ask a store if you can set up outside with a donation jar. Have the kids dance, or do pushups, or anything to squeeze some extra donations out.

Car Wash

Set up in a busy area and get hustling washing cars. Typically asking for a donation versus a set amount per car will earn you more cash than just the washing alone!

Corporate Sponsorships

Reach out to your local business chamber and ask for donations.

Home Run Fundraiser

Collect pledges that people will pay per type of hit, $1 for single, $2 for double. Each person gets 5 pitches and swing for the fences!

Bake Sale

Get some delicious goodies cooking and sell them and local events or games.

Alcohol Fundraiser

Get each family to donate a bottle and then sell raffle tickets and one lucky supporter walks away with it all.

Lottery Scratch off Board

Purchase a bunch of lottery tickets. Sell tickets 1 for $10, 3 for $25. Winners collect their lottery tickets.

Sweat Equity

See if there is a job that they can do for a business or school that will earn them some quick cash. Ask local neighbors if they need lawns mowed or raked. Ask schools if they need bleachers cleaned.

They've Got My Back Shirt

Sponsors who donate over a certain amount get listed on the back of the player's shirts. Click here to have Stadium Sports Apparel help you make these!

Scratch Off Card Fundraisers

This is a slightly different take from the calendar fundraiser. You purchase a card and each card has 50 dots ranging from $0.50 to $3. The person scratches off 2-3 spots and donates th

Someone said they made their own by using a laminated card and white out.


Collect donations from local businesses and sell raffle tickets. Suggestions include personal training, private lessons from local baseball training facilities, cycle bar, tennis lessons, restaurant gift cards.

Egg my Yard

Around Easter time you can sell your services hiding pre-filled eggs in people's yard. One team listed 30 eggs for $20, 50 eggs for $35 and 100 eggs for $60.

Gift Card Boards

Have each family turn in a $10 (or more!) gift card. Make a board with different amounts, say 4-10 cards. Then sell raffle tickets for $10 each. Remember you can have the gift cards donated too!

Dunk Tank

Rent a dunk tank sell 3 balls for $5 and have the kids or mom dunk coaches and dads.

Team Yard Sale

Have all team members go through their house and find items they no longer want. Have a yard sale and sell it off for some quick cash.

Trash Bag Fundraiser

Everyone uses trash bags...why not have them purchase them from you? This company sells them in bright colors as a reminder of your team.

Pay to change the walk up song

Pay $5 or $10 to change the song to a song of your choice. Just make sure the kids are aware that their song may change or it may throw them off their game!

Cornhole tournament

Set up a game of bags and charge an entry fee to play. Winners take a cut of the money.


Set up a bingo tournament charge a set amount per card. Have prizes donated. Play 5 in a row, but also you can do all around the outside, or a just the corners.

Poker Tournament

Have a certain donation to buy-in initially, and then allow rebuys. Play poker until one person wins!

Team Merchandise

Selling merchandise like t-shirts, hats, or other promotional items with the team's logo or slogan can raise funds while also promoting team spirit. Contact Stadium Sports Apparel if we can help.

Golf Tournament

Rent a golf course and host a tournament. Have an entry fee and teams of 4 or 5. Have fun things at the holes including a yard of string for putting, hitting with a wiffle ball, hitting off of a toilet.

Smoke Boston Butts

Charge $30 to $40 have a person who loves to smoke cook them all for you.

Superbowl Squares.

Put an 100 square grid (10 by 10) up, sell squares. Draw numbers 0 through 9 at random and place them along the grid. At the end of each quarter the person who has the square, wins part of the pot. At the end of the game, the person who wins gets a little more.

Looking to have your fundraising efforts go further? Check out our custom uniforms!

photo of person holding dollar bills and texts saying 27 fundraising ideas for your sports team
27 Fundraising ideas for your sports team

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